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Soajo, one of the most typical Portuguese villages, belongs to the municipality of Arcos de Valdevez and is located on one of the slopes of the Peneda mountain range, which is part of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. It was a village and county seat between 1514 and the mid-nineteenth century, but its history begins much earlier, as evidenced by the Rock Sanctuary of Gião, in the Soajo mountain range, and the countless tapirs and mamoas that exist in this area.

It has a grandiose set of granaries (classified as a property of public interest) erected on a gigantic granite slab and which, even today, are used to dry the corn, by the people of the earth. While walking through the streets paved with granite slabs notice the typical houses built on the same material.

Enjoy the House of the town, the House of the Enes, the Parish Church of Saint Martin of the Soajo, the mill in ruins and the pillory. Look out over the medieval sidewalk that provides a panoramic view of the village. The countless tourist houses here were born from the recovery of old buildings. They are beautifully restored spaces that have kept the traditional traces and provide comfortable stays in the Peneda-Gerês Park.